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The Rings Security Shutters & Gates Ltd range of shutters has been developed to provide an architecturally acceptable solution to the growing need for protection against vandalism and burglary. Further considering planning requirements for light transmission and vision to retail and commercial properties.

All shutters are manufactured to ensure full compliance with current British and European regulations

By using a combination of Punched and Solid Lath, the heavy duty Alu 89 punched and glazed vision shutters represent an ideal solution to security when a high level of vision and light transmission is desirable. Ideal for securing larger span openings, the shutter can be used for internal or external applications.

When polycarbonate glazing is employed, this provides a high level of security, whilst allowing vision through the shutter.

Smaller openings and windows can use the single wall lath in solid and punched form, whilst larger openings can enhance by incorporating the solid heavier duty twin walled version of the aluminum lath profile.

This can be mixed with single walled version sections to provide optimal blend of strength and vision.

Widely used in retail applications, the Aluminum Vision Shutter is an effective physical attack deterrent to all types of commercial premises and other public buildings, its great asset being effective solid barrier security without the oppressive appearance of solid shutter designs.

Manufactured from extruded aluminum alloy 89mm extruded single wall or twin wall laths. Vision sections exclusively employ single wall lath and can be supplied in a brick bond or in line pattern, with a variety of punch sizes available (See table below).

Single wall lath extrusion has the facility for incorporation of clear polycarbonate glazing with class O flame spread providing a solid see through barrier for extra security.

All shutter curtains are assembled using nylon end locks to ensure the shutters operate freely with the minimum of friction within the shutter side guides.

The shutter laths can roll up reverse or forward coil, providing same visible flat faced surface to exterior in all cases.

Maximum Width of 89mm lath section: 8000mm

Maximum Height of 89mm lath section: 6000mm

Punching Dimensions Available:
Single vision punch
150mm x 45mm

Single EXTRA vision punch
150mm x 50mm

Double Vision punch
260mm x 45mm

Double EXTRA VISION punch
280mm x 50mm

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