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The Rings Security Shutters & Gates Ltd range has been developed to provide an architecturally acceptable answer to the growing need for protection against vandalism and burglary. Further considering planning requirements where applicable, for light transmission and vision to retail and commercial properties.

All shutters are manufactured to ensure full compliance with current British and European regulations

The CD3800 shutter uses a strong extruded 38mm aluminum profiled lath which can be supplied either in solid double skinned type or single skinned perforated or punched and glazed type for light transmission where required.

This product range is particularly suited to smaller window and doorway applications with the shutters fitting into smaller less obtrusive box housings, giving a neater appearance than the standard commercial type shutters.

They can be fitted internally or externally with minimal visual impact.

Continuous product development has produced a compact shutter of exceptional strength for small to medium size apertures.

Balancing the demands of security and see through vision when needed.

The CD3800 shutters can be supplied with perforated laths or punched and glazed laths that present an open appearance for window shopping when premises are closed.

Manufactured from extruded aluminum 38mm twin wall or single wall lath.

The laths are held in place with nylon plastic endlocks to ensure the shutters operate freely with minimum friction within the shutter guides.

The shutter guides are extruded aluminum 60mm x 24mm as standard and come with integral brush strips to provide smooth and quieter operation of the shutter.

Visions sections exclusively employ single wall lath and can be supplied in a perforated style or punched and glazed style ‘in line’ pattern with 100mm x 20mm slots.

The punched and glazed laths incorporate clear polycarbonate glazing strips with class O flame spread providing a solid see through barrier for extra security.

Maximum Width of 38mm lath section: 4000mm (Dependent upon height)

Maximum Height of 38mm lath section: 5000mm (Dependent upon width)

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