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The Rings Security Shutters & Gates Ltd roller shutter range has been developed to provide an architecturally acceptable answer to the growing need for vandalism, burglary protection for commercial and retail properties.

All shutters are manufactured to ensure full compliance with current British and European regulations.

The roller shutter is a proven design which has for decades provided security for the most diverse range of openings.

Rings Security Shutters & Gates Ltd has brought the shutter up to date with a range of design configurations which optimize the performance for every application.

Ideally suited for use in securing retail and commercial properties, through to the private sector.

Retail and commercial environments benefit from the high security provided by the steel curtain for which is available in both a 50mm flat and 75mm curved profile.

The design of the side channels and range of colour options can provide a shutter that is more in keeping with its surroundings.

Small size roller shutters are available in manual operation with sprung barrel operation, but the benefits of electrically operated shutters are recommended for ease of use and to prolong the life of the shutters over a long term with 5-year motor warranties available (Terms apply).

Retail/commercial shutters employ a 50mm flat profile or 75mm curved profile in 22 gauge (0.7mm) or 20 gauge (0.9mm) pre galvanized steel.

The laths are held in place via nylon end locks and are supplied with either a preformed T shaped or L shaped bottom rail.

The bottom rails are available in ‘L’ shape or inverted ‘T’ shape

All shutter curtains are assembled using nylon end locks to ensure the shutters operate freely with the minimum of friction within the shutter side guides.

The 50mm flat lath shutters are designed for smaller size applications up to 3m wide x 3m high.

We can offer the 75mm curved lath type for all sizes up to large span applications in the region of 11 metres wide, subject to suitability of site structures and logistics.

Experienced Staff
All of our staff have a great deal of experience servicing clients within the retail, commercial, construction, and industrial sectors. We work with both the private and public sectors.
We boast an impressive list of blue-chip clients and a significant part of our sales revenue comes from repeat business.
Our Directors alone hold over 120 years worth of knowledge and we are always happy to advise on matters relating to the designing in of all our product range and to also advice relating to local planning requirements.

We offer a comprehensive product portfolio and in addition are happy to discuss any bespoke client requirements.

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